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WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

We have brought to you different types of superior quality wika instruments which include digital temperature indicator, temperature gauges, ball valves diaphragm seals, pressure switch etc. All these products are used for processing signals that comes from temperature sensors. The said instruments are capable of providing time temperature history of different devices. Wika instruments can also evaluate thermal state of homogenous products. These are accustomed with analogue dial, digital readout and analogue range. Our offered instruments monitor the temperature of different devices. These are highly reliable and provide accurate readings. Can be availed in different features, dimensions and sizes.

Wika differential pressure switch

Indfos Pressure Switch

We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing Indfos Pressure Switch. This switch senses changes in pressure and provides electrical contact closures. We offer this Indfos Pressure Switch in different technical specifications for our customers to choose from. This switch generally finds usage in pumps control, compressors, lubrication systems, condensers and turbines.

Electrical Connection - Screw Terminals

Contact System Type- SPDT

Indfoss rt series pressure switches


RT Series of Pressure Switches utilize seamless bellows as the sensing element. Simplicity of design and ease of installation has been stressed for reliable use, even in applications where shock and vibrations are present. The sensing element can be used for a variety of process fluids.
For corrosive media, viscous fluids and slurries, RT pressure switches perform well in conjunction with diaphragm type chemical seals.

RT Series of Temperature Switches have a vapour filled thermostatic element, which consists of a sensing bulb, capillary tube and a bellows element. The entire element contains a charge which reacts to temperature variations at the sensing bulb, so that pressure on the bellows increases on rising temperature. The bellows movement due to this increase in pressure is utilised to operate the switch.

Available in various ranges to control temperature upto 300C, with high over temperature limits. RT temperature switches are available with a selection of capillary lengths. The vapour filled system features small bulb sizes making installation easy.

Switzer electronic pressure switch

Electronic Pressure Switch Model 711 is ideal for precise process pressure measurement. This instrument is built with high accurate piezo-resistive pressure sensor with 316SS diaphragm which is suitable for media like non-corrosive liquids and air.

A wide range of pressure readings with optimum resolution are indicated through a large LCD display with back light. Two or Four independent setpoint is provided with SPDT relay output for on-off control function.

In addition, this instrument provides 420 mA DC analog current output. The output current range is programmable within the instrument calibrated range.

Operational settings are done through 3 push switches accessible upon removal of cover or on the front through membrane keypad.

The entire circuitry is housed in a cast aluminium, IP65 compliant weatherproof enclosure suitable for surface / wall (or) pipe mounting.

Switzer pressure switch

Wika pressure transmitters

Wika process transmitters

Wika digital temperature indicator

WIKA S20 Industrial Pressure Transmitter

  • Operating Range:-1 to 1.5bar
  • Model Name/Number:S20
  • Output Type:4-20mA
  • Supply Voltage Limits:4-20V DC

Switzer differentil pressure indicating switch with transmitter

Model 709 Electronic Differential Pressure Switch with Transmitter is an ideal instrument for low pressure measurements in any industrial pneumatic applications.

The process pressure is directly measured by a monolithic silicon pressure sensor, the output of which is proportional to the applied pressure and fed to the microcontroller circuitry.

The measured process values are displayed through a 4 digit RED LED Display. In addition 2 On / Off Relay output and 4 20 mA analog current output are provided.

The setpoint values are easily set by using 3 push button keys. The entire circuitry is housed in a IP:65 compliant weatherproof enclosure suitable for surface / wall (or) pipe mounting.

Zero shift of 15 mm can be adjusted through internal push buttons.

Wika electrical pressure switch

Wika pressure switch

Switzer chemical seal pressure switch and differential pressure switch

Switzer offers a variety of Chemical Seals for use with its range of Pressure, Differential Pressure Switches and Differential Pressure Indicators, for applications where corrosive, highly viscous or slurry process media are encountered.

Since total isolation is provided by the chemical seal, hazard of leakage of corrosive and dangerous chemicals is reduced.

The design principles applied to Switzer Chemical Seals ensure process pressure variations to be precisely transmitted to the instruments sensing element without its coming in contact with the process medium.

The seal, capillary in the case of remote seals and pressure sensing element of the instrument are carefully filled with suitable pressure transfer fluid. Any pressure applied to the seal diaphragm is hydraulically transmitted to the pressure sensing element.

Besides the protection provided by isolating the process medium from the instrument, the chemical seal can also be used as a protection against high process temperatures, pulsations / vibrations.

A Chemical Seal extends the service life of the instrument, eliminates repetitive replacements and reduces maintenance costs. Thus its initial investment cost will be recovered in a short duration.

Indfos Differential Pressure Switch

Backed ourselves with sound amenities and talented personnel, we provide Indfos Differential Pressure Switch, that is housed in a tough polycarbonate IP 66 enclosure. This switch provides electrical contact closure at predetermined values. Clients can avail this Indfos Differential Pressure Switch from us in different specifications as per their necessities. This switch is generally designed for use with oil, air, water and steam.

Electrical Connection- Screw Terminals

Contact System Type - SPDT

Wika diaphragm seals

Indfoss etr series thermostats

Model ETR thermostats are manufactured to perform in high temperature ambient and prevailing in the industrial units.

The power element assembly that actuates the switching mechanism is a sealed thermal system comprised of a bellows and a temperature sensing bulb and capillary tube. The power element system is filled with a liquid / vapour charge selected for the specific application.

Variations in temperature at the bulb (sensing element), cause changes in the pressure within the power element, which in turn actuate the switching mechanism to open or close the desired electrical circuit. Potential free changeover contacts rated for 16 Amp, 250 V AC are provided for switching and control purpose. A graduated scale allows the user to set the actuating temperature accurately. The on-off differential (Dead band) is a fixed minimum value and is essentially constant so that the cut-in value follows the cut-out value within the dead band.

ETR thermostats find applications in temperature control of :

- Gas Heaters ( Defrost & Non defrost type )
- Electrostatic Precipitators
- Other Industrial Heating Controls

Switzer level switches

Switzer level switch model 5716 is suitable for detecting high or low level of bulk solids, in storage applications. The level detection is done based on RF capacitance principle using micro processor based measuring circuit.

The sensing probe unit is built with two elements of positive and negative electrode as a single rigid rod construction. The separtion of the electrodes are done by using either PTFE or ceramic material depending on the temperature of the media.

The negative element of probe called GUARD is always in contact with vessel wall through process connection. The tip of the probe acts as the sensing element.

Whenever the process media comes into contact with the sensing part, capacitance value changes which will lead to actuation of relay.

The probe part will have pulse amplifier circuit on the probe head which is connected to the remote control circuit through 2-core cable.

Both the circuits are housed in a IP65 compliant weatherproof aluminium enclosure.

Wika ball valves

Indfoss ast series temperature switches

ype AST Temperature switch has been specifically designed for use on Diesel Locomotives to safeguard the engine from damage that could be caused by excessive heat. However these switches can be used for other applications also. These switches are of direct mounting design.

The thermal sensing element of AST temperature switch consists of a metallic bellows and sensing bulb. This thermal element is filled with a partial vapour charge , the pressure of which rises with the increase in temperature at the bulb. When the temperature exceeds the preset value , the pressure in the thermal system increases and overcomes an opposing spring force to actuate an electrical microswitch. The entire assembly is housed in a uniquely designed die cast aluminium enclosure which allows ease of installation and wiring .

Wika pressure switch

WIKA High Quality Temperature Transmitters

High-quality temperature transmitters from WIKA

Temperature transmitters convert the input signal from a wide range of sensors, such as resistance sensors and thermocouples, but in some cases also from potentiometers, into a standardised output signal (e.g. 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA). With digital temperature transmitters, the sensor type and the measuring span can be freely configured, along with many further options such as the error signalisation or a measuring location identification.

WIKA Temperature Switches

Temperature switches

For each application the right temperature switch

Temperature switches are used in a variety of industrial and technical processes. If a preset temperature is reached, then the temperature switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact. Depending on the requirements, mechanical or electronic switches can be used. In addition to electronic temperature switches and bimetal temperature switches, WIKA's wide range also includes air velocity meters and frost protection thermosta

WIKA Thermometers With Switch Contacts

Thermometers with switch contacts

Display and monitor limit values

Wherever the process temperature has to be indicated locally and, at the same time, limit values must be monitored, thermometers with switch contacts find their application. The switch contacts make or break the circuit dependent upon the pointer position of the indicating measuring instrument. If the reading is significantly above or below a set value, they trigger an alarm, hence also the term alarm contact. The instruments are also suitable for starting, stopping or switching processes.

WIKA Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers

Temperature controllers with the latest technology

The compact temperature controllers from WIKA offer display, control and monitoring of temperatures. The configuration of the sensor input is made via the multi-function input. Resistance thermometers, thermocouples and standard industrial signals, such as 4 ... 20 mA, serve as the input variable of a temperature controller. The monitoring output can be set either as relay (for slow control), as logic level for the control of electronic solid-state relays (for fast control and high current loads) or as a continuous 4 ... 20 mA output.

Level Indicators

Level indicators

Level indicators from WIKA - Indicate levels without supply voltage

Level indicators are used for continuous indication of the level. The functional principle is based on a magnet connected to a float transmitting the level, without an additional supply voltage, to an indicator bar that consists of magnetic rollers or flaps. In addition, various magnetic switches and level sensors can be fitted as additional accessories.

Submersible Pressure Sensors

Submersible pressure sensors

For every hydrostatic level measurement, the right submersible pressure sensor

The submersible pressure transmitter, sometimes also referred to as a level probe, is a specific design of pressure sensor for hydrostatic level measurement in tanks, wells, shafts and bore holes. For this, the submersible pressure transmitter is submerged directly in the liquid to be measured, and positioned as close as possible to the bottom. There, the submersible pressure sensor measures the hydrostatic pressure, which enables a direct conclusion regarding the current level, i.e. the height of the liquid column above it.

Float Switches

Float switches

Versatile float switches from WIKA

Float switches in (the process) industry are used for the point-based limit level detection of one or several levels. They work independently of foaming, conductivity, dielectric, pressure, vacuum, temperature, vapours, condensation, bubble formation, boiling effects and vibrations and are suitable for almost all liquid media. The switching operation is contact-free, free from wear and needs no supply voltage. The simple and proven functional principle of the float switch enables a very wide range of applications, from general industrial applications through to use in process plants or in the shipbuilding industry.

Sight Glass Level Indicators